Welcome Letter from the Athletic Director, Brett Vana

Welcome Letter from the Athletic Director, Brett Vana

Welcome Letter from the Athletic Director

On behalf of all of us here at Independence Community College, we would like to take a moment and welcome all of you to a new season of Pirate Athletics.  As we change this culture and move all our programs in the proper direction, we truly look forward to meeting all of you.  Our goals for this season and the future is to rebuild our institution and athletic department into one of the finest programs in the country.  We know we have a huge task in front of all of us, but we also know that if you build it the right way and base it on the correct fundamentals that truly extraordinary opportunities can and will take place.

The Athletics Department holds the philosophy that the student-athlete’s most important tasks will be to be tremendous servant leaders in our community, achieve high level standards in the classroom, but more importantly be great role models and people of great character and moral fiber.  When we achieve in these areas, it will translate into what they do on the field and the court and that is to compete for championships in the conference and on the national level.

Our Athletics Department is strongly committed to the NJCAA and the Kansas Jayhawk Conference rules and regulations in all our sports (Football, Volleyball, Men’s Basketball, Women’s Basketball and Softball).  Our commitment does not stop there.  We have tremendous areas of study like the Fine Arts, The Fab Lab, and many, many more programs that we look forward to showcasing on a national level as well.

We welcome all of you to be a part of the change that is occurring here in Independence. Come sail away with all of us matey as we set our sights on a tremendous looking horizon and bright future at ICC!

Stay blessed,

Brett Vana

Athletic Director

Independence Community College